Pymapper is open source, and freely available.   The source code requires python 2.x (but not python 3*), and wxpython 2.8 (and not wxPython 3*).  You will need those installed if you wish to run the native source code, which is required for those on Linux or MacOS.    Windows users can opt to run the source code, or may run the program as a windows executable.

*Note:  You can try to use python 3.x, and wxpython 3.x…no guarantees what will happen.  I’d love to get your feedback though!

As always, if you find problems, please email for assistance.

Python Source code:

Download the python source code for pymapper95 (5/22/16).

NOTICE!   There is a major difference between the Windows and MacOS/Linux program operations.  Since window management is different between these two platforms, the method for adding tiles from the tile panel to the map panel is not the same. To add a tile in the non-windows OS,  you need to double click it in the tile window.  This will add a tile in the top left corner of the map window.  This may not be the best answer to the problem, but it works for now.  If you have other suggestions for adding tiles, please let me know.

Checksum Details (for the zipfile):

SHA-256:  B262FFA71390DA38FB39263B4C49E3A8359ABF53401EE82CFEC5DC31A28BC6DD
SHA1:  D36F40B063AEF6B39BDD1A969F68CB43E5229038
MD5:  0788F5EF1D2D78A01E54212B05789CCD

Windows Installer, version 9.5

(Tested on Win7.  Feedback on Win8 & Win10 appreciated!)

Download Pymapper9.5_Setup (for Windows 7/8/10)

Checksum Details:

SHA-256: 86FA7238A6120398BD825030FFC942F49EA39B5115483EF1E24DD4FE43CA161E
SHA1:  0351E695A300CB52AA582EA5C17BC24B09F8C802
MD5:  AF3DCAE677EE1A1D96C4A45D40925610


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