Smooth Chiseled Terrain

These terrain pieces were made using the smooth tiles and chiseled stone walls.  Click each image for a larger view.

TR-S-001: 2×2 Outside Corner
TR-S-002: 2×2 Floor Panel
TR-S-003: 2×6 Floor Panel
TR-S-004: 2×2 Wall Section
TR-S-005: 2×2 Wall with Doorway
TR-S-006: 2×4 Wall Section
TR-S-007: 2×4 Wall with Doorway
TR-S-008: 4×4 Inside Corner
TR-S-009: 4×4 Floor with Well
TR-S-010: 4×4 Floor Panel
TR-S-011: 2×4 Floor Panel
TR-S-012: 1×4 Interior Doorway
TR-S-013: Intermediate Door
TR-S-014: 1×2 Left Corner Wall
TR-S-015: 1×2 Right Corner Wall
TR-S-016: 2×2 Interior Corner
TR-S-017: 1×4 Floor Panel
TR-S-018: 2×4 Floor with Large Archway
TR-S-019: 1×2 Floor Panel
TR-S-021: 1×1 Outside Corner
TR-S-022: 6×6 Floor with Well
TR-S-024: 2×4 Wall Section with Stairs
TR-S-025: 2×6 Doorway with Arrow Slits
TR-S-026: 1×4 Interior Door with Torches

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