Firestorm Armada

Events at GenCon 2018!

April 22, 2018:  Here is the event description for the Thursday night main event:  Urgent Relief 2018 Firestorm Armada

For reference, here is a copy of the Firestorm_Armada_Rules for second edition, and a complete listing of the Firestorm Armada Ships for second edition as well.

Tickets for the events are available on the Gen Con website. The Thursday event costs $10 (to cover the price of the terrain prizes).


See  you in August!

Event Contact Email:  pymapper


Firestorm Fleet Manager, Version 1.3.2 (released 4/9/17)

Windows download: FirestormFleetManager_Setup1.3.2

For the brave, you can download a zipfile of the python source code here: FirestormArmada_Source

Note that if you installed this to the “Program Files” folder on your machine, you will need to run this program with Administrator Privileges.

Fleet Editor Screen
Sample Printout





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