The Barrow of Forgotten Heroes

They had found the old tattered map quite by accident.  Komodas had had a bit too much to drink that night, just enough to spoil his aim.  When the first ruffian had tried to pick his pocket in the Misty Vale tavern, his first punch had smashed a picture frame on the wall.  The poor ruffian connected with the follow up, and it was lights out.  While Komodas ordered up another drink, Flip had noticed the yellowed paper falling to the floor.  He snatched it before it hit the ground, and was pleased that no one else had seen it.

The map spoke of a shrine to lost heroes.  To Flip, it followed that where there were lost heroes, there would be lost treasure as well…


The Barrow of Lost Heroes is a two part adventure.  One above ground:

Forest Encounter


And one below:

Barrow Encounter

Download the zip file Barrow of Forgotten Heroes.

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