Quantum Rebellion

Ships of the Torgovian Hegemony keep close formation while the “Red Kitesails” of the Neem Cascade begin to engage their cloaking fields.

This is the download page for the Quantum Rebellion Fleet Editor and Game Rules.

A note on the Fleet Manager software. I wrote this software using the Python scripting language. From there, I packaged it into a Windows executable. Because of the way the scripts are packaged, some anti-virus programs may flag this as hazardous. It is a false-positive; I’m not trying to infect your system. But, I understand if you’re a bit hesitant. If you’re comfortable running python scripts, send me an email and I can set you up with the code to run on your own.

If you do download the software, just unzip it to a folder on your computer and run the QRFleetManager.exe file. If you need help, check us out on the Facebook group, or shoot me an email to bugs@pymapper.com.

Authors Note:  The link for the Fleet Manager software has been removed while I update it to the current edition of the rules.  If you would like to be notified when it becomes available again, please email me at pymapper at gmail.com for release info.

Updated 8-Sept-21:
Quantum Rebellion Rules_v1.5

Quantum Rebellion Rules_v1.5

Quantum Rebellion Fleets used at GenCon 2021:

GenCon21 Acru Imperium

GenCon21 Neem Cascade

GenCon21 Oberian Concordat

GenCon21 Scilix Dominion

The Facebook group can be found at https://www.facebook.com/groups/QuantumRebellion/

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