Firestorm Armada

Events at GenCon 50!

May 24, 2017:  Here is the event description for the Thursday night main event:  Aurum Draco 2017

Here are the details for the Haraxian Nebula 2017 event being held on Wednesday.  The event was approved just this week (June 27).

Tickets for the events are available on the Gen Con website.  Wednesday night is at the Union Station and is free, while the Thursday event is in the ICC Hall B, and costs $10 (to cover the price of the terrain prizes).


See  you in August!

Event Contact Email:  pymapper


Firestorm Fleet Manager, Version 1.3.2 (released 4/9/17)

Windows download: FirestormFleetManager_Setup1.3.2

For the brave, you can download a zipfile of the python source code here: FirestormArmada_Source

Note that if you installed this to the “Program Files” folder on your machine, you will need to run this program with Administrator Privileges.

Fleet Editor Screen
Sample Printout




Operation August Hammer
Firestorm Armada, GenCon 2016

:::Transmission xRef GC16:NMN1684177:::
 :::DocSecurity: Command; Secret; Eyes Only:::
 :::Begin Transmission:::
:::Situational Report Follows:::
 Recent developments in the storm zone have caused Command to reevaluate our current disposition of forces. It is believed that the enemy is secretly constructing a series of monitoring stations at select points within the zone. Our intelligence services have been unable to determine the extent of this network, and to what magnitude they present a threat to overall security in the region. Your mission is to probe these known locations, evaluate the threat, and report your findings to Central. You are authorized to take whatever actions are appropriate to complete your mission, and to preserve the safety of your command.
 Due to the sensitive nature of this mission, only scouting vessels will be used to make the initial survey. Larger class ships shall only depart hyperspace once the enemy positions have been determined.
 :::End SitRep:::

Event Information:
GenCon Event ID: NMN1684177
Maximum Fleet Value (MFV): 1200pts
Date: Thursday, August 5, 2016
Time: 6:00 PM – 10:00 PM

PDF Download: August Hammer 2016

Event Contact Email:  pymapper


Standard rules from version 2.0 Rulebook, plus all current FAQs/Errata will be used for this event. Optional Rules will be used for this Event, as detailed in the scenario description. Moving Terrain rules are also in effect. All Rules and FAQ’s/Errata will be locked as of June 30, 2016.

Models:  All fleets will be constructed using current statistics found in the Fleet Manuals published by Spartan Games that were current on June 30, 2016. Fleets must consist of ship models produced by Spartan Games. Suitable proxy models may be used, but must be clearly marked and similar in size for the appropriate Class. Minor ship modifications (hawk widgets, small details, etc) are allowed, as long as the ship model is still generally identifiable as the original ship class. Models do not need to be painted, but must be fully assembled.
Gaming Supplies:   Players are expected to bring all of the required Gaming Supplies for a game of Firestorm Armada:
• Firestorm Armada Turning Template
• Tape Measure
• Dice
• Condition Markers (markers may differ from standard Spartan markers, as long as they are used consistently, and clearly indicate status effects)
Scenario:   A modified version of the “Escalating Engagement” scenario will be used for this event.

Time Limit:  The event officially ends at 10:00 PM.

Fleet List:   Each players must have a copy of their Fleet List available for review by your opponent and judges at any time during the event. The Fleet List should clearly indicate which hardpoints, upgrades, and other options are being used for each squadron.
Rulebook: Players should bring a copy of the current Rulebook and FAQs. Digital copies are allowed.
Event Teams:  Teams will be split according to the number of players that have signed up for the event:
• 2 Players: One match, 1 person per side
• 4 Players: One match, 2 people per side
• 6 Players: One match of 2 people per side, One match of 1 person per side
• 8 Players: Two matches, each with 2 people per side.
To the extent possible, Kurak Fleets will be randomly paired against Zenian Fleets. If there is not an even number of Kurak and Zenian fleets, pairings will be determined randomly.
When playing a team, each side will choose a player to be the commanding Admiral for the Event. Initiative will be rolled once for each team, with squadron activations taking place one at a time. Players may start as soon as they are paired up and placed at a table.
Event Scoring:  Scoring will be done for each side using the average battle log for each side. All players will be added up and then averaged to give each side their score.
Special Rules:
1. During the initial deployment phase, all Tier 3 squadrons are placed in the deployment zone. All other Tier 1 and Tier 2 squadrons must be held in reserve.
2. A player or team may not bring a Tier 1 or Tier 2 squadron into play from the reserve until the start of Turn 4, during the Reserve Phase, as normal. In other words, ignore phase 3, Reserve Phase, for the first three turns of the game.

Table Layout:
Each Round will be held on a 4’x6’ table (for 2 player games) or a 5’x8’ table (for 4 player games), with Terrain already placed as shown:



Terrain Notes:
A: 8” Gas Giant Planetoid. This object is stationary.
B: 4” Moon Planetoid. This object will move 1d6” in a clockwise direction during the End Phase.
C: 4” Moon Planetoid. This object will move 1d3” in a clockwise direction during the End Phase.
D: Asteroid Field. This object is stationary.
E: Asteroid Field. This object is stationary.
F: Gas Cloud. This object is stationary.
G: Gas Cloud. This object is stationary.
H: Asteroid Field. This object is stationary.

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